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About us

We source fine products from New Zealand to Malaysia. We are desperately looking for a change in Malaysian communities; to improve the awareness of healthy living and a balance lifestyle.



About The Natural Source

The Natural Source supplies natural products from New Zealand to Malaysia. 
We really care about fair trade, healthy living in our communities and the impact we have on our environment. We are desperately looking for a change in Malaysian communities; to improve the awareness of healthy living. We are here to provide another option for your healthy living from New Zealand.


We believe changing your living habits will allow you to live healthier and happier lives. We encourage everyone to share their ideas of healthy living and together bring a better lifestyle to our community.

Who are we?

Siau-Jiun Lim is a natural enthusiastic person who loves gardening, cooking, hiking and the arts.  Siau-Jiun is originally from Malaysia and was brought up in a small town called Bagan Serai, a place which used to have lots of trees and mist around the town in the morning when she was young.


In 2006, she moved to New Zealand. She immediately fell in love with the New Zealand culture. New Zealand people love to call themselves Kiwis; they love sports, they love nature and they have a work/life balance.


The opportunity to live in New Zealand means that Siau- Jiun can access the finest products in New Zealand. Siau-Jiun started this business for one simple reason; she wishes to share the finest products from New Zealand with her family and friends in Malaysia. On the other hand, she has always been interested in natural products and she believes what we eat is the major contributor to healthy living.


Winnie Tan, mother of two, would like to establish a career yet be able to spend some quality time with her children. Winnie has a great background in promotions and the advertising industry. Winnie has become an important contributor to this business; her effective skills have made this business become a reality. Like every mother, Winnie is always extremely conscious about the food and things that she serves the family.


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